Base 1/2/3 and Product Module

The Cluster is the place created for you where you can meet up and establish commercial relations with the explorers who will stop by to discover your products
and solutions.


  • The turn-key exhibit, of about 16 m2, is offered in 3 different layout solutions of your choice (Base 1, 2 or 3) which will be proposed based on the type of products you wish to showcase and may include one, two or three companies.


  • The Product Module is the space reserved only for the “product placement” along the Pathway which is coordinated by Stefano Boeri Architetti; the relation of the Product Module with the Base (as detailed in the figure) allows for a stronger visibility of your company & products while helping to attract more visitors.

The Base + Product Module package solution also includes:

  • Company listing & logo in the official
  • Directory as well as on all on-line supports
  • Advertorials (this depending on the time of applying)
  • Company listing in the Newsletter sent out to the national & international visitors database
  • Possibility to include a new product description in the Press Kit

Multiple spaces (Bases) combined with additional Product Modules are also available


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