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Comieco is the consortium for recovery and recycling of paper and board in Italy and its members include companies from the domestic paper and paper production pipeline, including manufacturers, processors, and recoverers. It was established upon an initiative of companies operating in the paper pipeline based on the idea to organize and promote separate paper and board collection. From 1998 to 2017, following the development of urban separate paper and board collection, the recycling rate grew from 37% to 80%. Today 10 tons of collected paper are recycled every minute. During the past year each Italian citizen provided 53 kg of paper and board for recycling. This average amount includes top level, as well as not so good performers: while the former cannot be asked for additional efforts, there are broad margins for greater achievements from those lagging behind. Seeing all the regions reach the maximum attainable level is the challenge of Comieco for the future.


“What will life look like on Mars? Unthinkable without recycling. Recycling is the future of man, and while Mars looks very far away, the issue is of immediate concern to us: Italy is a country rich of poor forests, and separate collection is the only way towards sustainability. Recycling pulp fibres and bringing them into manufacturing cycles, in particular, protects the environment, reduces waste, and saves resources. Paper and board recycling in Italy increased significantly since its inception, from 300thousand to 3 million tons of paper and board collected over just more than three decades. Separate collection and recycling turned out greatly successful: in the past 20 years results improved gradually and now 10 tons of paper are recycled every minute. Today, 4 packaging units out of 5 are recycled and come back to life in new, unprecedented forms, and 90% of paper and board packaging is obtained from recycled materials. Board, in fact, has thousands of lives: strong, versatile, and recyclable, it is the material of the future, a material that will enjoy a second life also on Mars.”