DiceWorld and ABenergie S.p.A.

DiceWorld is the company that belongs to ABenergie Group that sells and distributes DiCE system.

ABenergie S.p.A. is a company based in Bergamo, that produces and supplies green electricity and natural gas throughout Italy. Founded in 2006, today the company is a relevant operator in the sustainable energy industry. ABenergie’s main mission is to spread a new “energy culture” in our Country, which implies a constant commitment in offering high added value services, giving priority to efficiency and environmental protection. Thanks to the high specialized consultancy, ABenergie aims to educate its clients to a more careful energy management through the rational use of resources and a conscious choice of energy sources to be used. ABenergie in order to promote a sustainable energy consumption offers only renewable energy that comes directly from the same territory where clients live and work.


"DiCE represents an easier world. The world that we imagine, and where we want to live. A world in which we will all learn to use energy in a more conscious and responsible way."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

DiCE is a new IOT System, designed by Marco Acerbis and produced by ABenergie that allows you to monitor the energy consumption of your home and small business, through a simple and user-friendly management of electrical appliances. It consists of 4 easy play elements, the DiCE device, the app, DiGateway and DiReader.