The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors, with special emphasis on solid wood doors. The Group, headed by its founder, Fernando Garofoli, and his sons, operates in the high-end segment of the reference market and its products have evolved into tangible symbols of “Made in Italy” excellence worldwide.

Alongside its extensive assortment of doors – with models and solutions ranging from the classic solid wood doors to aluminium design products with stainless steel finish – the Garofoli Group produces a variety of coordinated items that open up boundless furnishing options. The doors can be combined with parquet floors, panelling, walk-in wardrobes and skirting boards to create varied and flexible combinations capable of satisfying the needs and desires of the most demanding interior designers.

The red line running through the vast assortment of products is the company mission: “To create high-quality products that optimally reflect the aesthetic and technical values of premium Italian design”.


"Imagining the interior design of the future is definitely a stimulating challenge. The environments that will be created on Mars, despite their remoteness, will all share the same aspect on which we can already base our design assumptions: the man of the future, who will inhabit Mars, will have the same feelings of contemporary humans. It is on these, on the human soul’s intrinsic desire for freedom, that we will base our exhibition."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

Filomuro, the system offering unlimited possibilities that emphasises precision and formal rigour: free of stiles, visible hinges, frames and other relief elements, our flush doors enhance new spaces with the simplicity of flat surfaces.

Concealing, equipping, reinventing: each of the designer’s objectives takes shape thanks to a system that is also designed to fully integrate the door with the wooden panelling of the wall.