Italserramenti: always looking to the future

The perfect combination of managerial, engineering and manual skills of the entire team and the quality and production capacity of the plants. It produces windows and doors in wood, wood/ aluminum, wood / glass, all glass, sliding solutions and external screens. The production is made entirely in-house, starting from wood coming from FSC certified forests.

The glazing is done internally with specific systems that allow a correct positioning of the glass and a perfect siliconing made with a robot.

Italserramenti is able to invest in research and development without neglecting the attention to the environment and the eco-sustainability of its products in compliance with European standards.

Italserramenti was among the first companies in Italy that operate in the field of windows and doors to put their products on BIM and is able to offer Taylor Made solutions to designers and architects.


"Space&interiors is an unmatched opportunity for Italserramenti to be protagonist in the city that today, like yesterday, is the essence of architecture and design, in a context where visibility and possibilities exponentially grow."

"Committing to Stefano Boeri's project was a natural choice for our company, which has always been attentive to the protection of the environment, aiming to understand what the house of the future will look like and what impact every element will have on the world of tomorrow." Alessandra Galli

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

Ghost "Redefining the essence"

The extreme synthesis of the window in which the wood disappears from the view while hinges and handles are applied directly onto a glass sheet. Ghost is our utmost proposal, the solution to the most extreme requests, a system with a contemporary appearance in which technology becomes aesthetic, tecnique expresses itself in form, beauty is born from the perfect balance of fullness and emptiness. Ghost designs the future.