Lamitex: coating the future.

Lamitex operates in the field of highly innovative decorative laminates. Founded in 2001, it has the aim of combining technological research and aesthetic creativity in the sector of interior design, furniture and furnishings, which in recent years has seen a revolution in the field of new materials. Lamitex was one of the protagonists of this transition thanks to its CLPL® technology, the result of years of studies aimed at obtaining the perfect mix between maximum adherence to the profiles and the natural effect of the coating. The production takes place entirely in Italy, in the new factory in Spilimbergo (PN), where both final quality of the work and respect of ecosystem are guaranteed. The great attention to the latest furnishing trends inspires a wide range of colors and finishes with a high emotional impact. Collaborations with teams active in the fields of architecture and design make it possible to continue the original vocation towards experimentation.


"Looking beyond, looking for new horizons, is the impulse that has always inspired us. This is the reason why we have been immediately fascinated by the project The Future of Living and the Planet of the Future. What could be more stimulating than exploring tomorrow's habitation by situating it on Mars, the ultimate beyond? The possibilities are endless, you just have to imagine them."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

CLPL: a new idea of laminate

CLPL® (Continuous Low Pressure Laminate) is the exclusive Lamitex technology that characterizes the most innovative laminates. Thanks to the exceptional qualities of elasticity, adherence and flexibility they are ideal for coating panels and profiles of any shape, even complex. They are sustainable and eco-friendly, because they are produced without the addition of formaldehyde, and they have an unequaled aesthetic result, both from the visual and tactile point of view.