A brick-maker’s furnace in the fields of Gonzaga that has belonged to the Brioni family for four generations, a young architect with a passion for form and a vocation to build, these are the two elements that led to the creation of the Matteo Brioni company in 2010. Headed up by Matteo himself, the company is dedicated solely to producing natural finishes for architecture and interior design with a material that has been an essential element in the industry for centuries: raw earth. The raw earth of Matteo Brioni is composed of a fine selection of clays and natural aggregates from different regions, these materials are then blended to obtain the chromatic, tactile and functional qualities best suited to each environment. The raw earth is simply allowed to air dry, with no firing necessary. One of history’s oldest building materials, in which the total absence of pigments, natural or synthetic, serves to highlight all of the qualities inherent to the origins of the various compounds. Matteo Brioni applies a traditional material – which adheres to continuous vertical and horizontal surfaces, sinuously adapting to any shape – to contemporary and modern use. This healthy and hypoallergenic material has unique features such as the ability to regulate humidity and temperature, as well as anti-static properties. It emits no toxic fumes and is able to absorb sounds and odors in addition to being fire resistant. The raw earth mixtures may also be used with additives such as mineral or synthetic binders in order to obtain coatings with varying degrees of mechanical resistance to abrasion and water. The company's team of experts continually experiments with different techniques and different types of aggregates for new and innovative tactile and perceptual dimensions. Jute, wheat, hemp, and rice, enhance the texture. Mica, hematite, and mother of pearl give the earth light and brilliant reflections. Onyx, sodalite and quartz imbue the earth with a worn and lived-in look, simulating the passage of time charged with it's long history, memories, and warmth. Since 2012 Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine has been acting as the company’s Art Director, actively contributing to making Matteo Brioni the benchmark brand in raw earth products. Studio Irvine, in addition to brand repositioning and brand development activities, also directly coordinates some of Matteo Brioni’s custom projects, including fittings for exhibition stands, TerraStool seating, tables, the containers / exhibitorsand Wall System and much more.


“Elon Musk maintains that by 2030 he will have sent his rockets, and therefore humans, to Mars; the European Community has activated ambitious research projects to reduce environmental impact, including Horizon 2020. In this period of strong social change and technocratic innovation, knowing where we come from and keeping our ‘feet on the Earth’ can be instructive and inspirational, as well as sensual and trendy.

I believe that the Space & Interiors event represents well these new trends; hence my decision to take part to exhibit the “Torre delle Terre" installation, produced by my Art Director Marialaura Rossiello, and to present the many proposals of natural interior finishes that my company offers to professionals and industry insiders. Because it is an event dedicated to architectural finishes, it offers an excellent opportunity to capture the interest of a well-targeted, international audience that, I hope, will take advantage of the occasion to visit this event also because ofthe prestigious players that are involved, above all the architect Stefano Boeri. In addition, I hope that it will provide an opportunity to meet potential partners with whom to network and create synergies." Matteo Brioni

La Torre delle Terre which represents fourteen clays declined in fourteen boxes with solid inside of different form. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional volumes to describe the finishes of Matteo Brioni. The solids can be touched and moved trying to bring together different colors and effects. The careful selection of Matteo Brioni's lands around the Italian quarries, this year is expressed in two novelties for the 2018/2019 collection. The theme is pink with different shades and origins, the result is the Cipria surface selected from the lands of Cagliari and the Cameo selected in Piedmontese quarries.