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SIMES has been in business since 1973 and, over the years, it has built up considerable expertise that it uses to keep its brand at the forefront of the outdoor lighting market. SIMES optics delicately merge technology and design as the company often turns to international designers in its quest to exalt light and material, forging new material shapes and solutions for outdoor lighting. Light is seen almost as an elegant, discreet form of writing, building on a simplicity of form to seamlessly integrate lighting into architecture. Its concept of “luminous solids and voids” expresses thrilling new options in which lighting is used only where and when it is needed to highlight or hide structures, creating exciting, lasting emotions. LED optics have brought changes across the product range, reaching new performance and reliability levels. The company’s in-house lab, which is IMQ Performance certified, tests prototypes and devices to guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency. SIMES works with architects, landscape and urban designers, engineers, public and private entities, and its team of designers and lighting experts provide support throughout the project, from idea to creation.


"space&interiors displays a constructive provocation: to imagine future living and encourage the development of creative and sustainable solutions. SIMES takes up the challenge and will take part at Space & Interiors introducing innovative solutions for outdoor lighting. In the new collection “The Structural Light” of SIMES, light integrates into the architecture in order to become itself a live material like stone, concrete and marble capable of perceiving and of living spaces. Each product holds in itself the emotion of light that has been imagined to define space, in making the experience more pleasant for the one who lives that space. For SIMES, research is not only a technical question, it does not only concern experimentation with new materials or working processes. It involves a whole project and its philosophy: the expertise will be the solid base to provide an interpretation to new needs and to suggest innovative solutions."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

The new SIMES Collection brings total aesthetical integration between light and architecture. The envelope of the building is understood as a means of communication between the interior and the exterior; it is a surface open to new design expressions that will not only aim at constructing but also at exciting. Ghost and Brick Light essentially shape this concept. The Ghost range originates from a simple but revolutionary idea that thanks to a careful engineering became an industrial product: to create out-and-out luminous cavities inside the material and to conceal the lighting body as to make the light the only and unique player in the architecture. Brick light makes light becoming a structural element and through the shape of the brick it acquires its own materiality to define and to increase the value of the volumes of the architecture.