Tele Metalliche Rossi, a story that has lasted since 1959.

The philosophy of T.T.M. ROSSI is based on two pillars: seriousness and innovation

T.T.M. ROSSI with its continuous success on the Italian and foreign markets, has proved to be a sure partner that offers highly creative metal mesh born of craftsmanship combined with the most advanced and innovative technologies.

Made in Italy products, fireproof, 100% recycled and recyclable, can be used for the realization of curtains, panels, façade, ceilings, sunscreen.

T.T.M. ROSSI thanks to its ultra-decade experience in the sector, offers designers a professional consultancy service combined with the synergy between the sales team and the production department, which is able to respond promptly to market demands and offer a highly qualified service.


"So many motivations that led us to become sponsors and exhibitors of the project curated by Studio Boeri, what particularly impressed us is his will through these arrangements to explore the future of living, a world where our metal mesh find their space, both for consistencies and colors."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

Sensory Experience, will give the opportunity to the visitor to immerse themselves in an area dedicated to the metal mesh that can be perceived in all its facets: soft/rigid, bearing/light, neutral/colored.