Starting in the 1920’s, Turati has successfully grown in a territory that is tightly connected to furniture-making traditions, consolidating itself 50 years ago as Turati Boiseries and becoming a symbol of historical artisan craftsmanship in the world of fine furnishings. Today, the company is a point of reference thanks to its ability to bring together artisan values and Italian excellence, based on decades of experience and research, and new ideas, while also shedding new light on classic styles. 

This authentic production comes forth from an entrepreneurial company structure that still maintains the pure artisan soul that is defined by people whose passion for this work creates real added value, without giving up their desire to push the limits of experimentation and meet the requests of the world’s most demanding clients, who want only the best and most exclusive furnishings. 

In order to be a step ahead of trends and the current evolution of classic furnishings, Turati Boiseries has created a line of prestigious furnishings and furniture pieces that arise from the world’s finest artisan craftsmanship.  This is why Turati Boiseries still represents an important chapter in classic furnishings:  exceptional modularity and pairings support these original, classic foundations, offering a vast selection of furnishing pieces and styles, perfect for almost every abode, culture and need.  Turati Collections are designed and created for any kind of interior:  boiseries and wainscoting for the living room and bedroom, offices, stores, reading rooms and meeting rooms, as well as false ceilings and ceiling coffers, doors and occasional furnishings.


"With the utmost respect for the past, this artisan company from Mariano Comense will present wainscoting with innovative taste, defined by daring combinations based on the choice of material and finishes. The wooden walls, panelling and coffered ceilings offered in this way are an attempt to dictate the residential abodes and their interiors, eliminating time itself, and looking with disenchanted elegance towards the presence of today.The new ClassMode catalogue is simply perfect for the Mars themed event, due to its innovative soul and a strong connection with tradition, fully reflecting the approach of mankind to the red planet. The man who colonises Mars will not be a new man, rather he will carry the baggage of the past that will help lay the foundations for the future."

At space&interiors

At space&interiors

The new ClassMode catalogue revisits classic style based on new looks. ClassMode is designed for those who shy away from minimal design and for those who love experiencing their abode surrounded by beauty in the broadest sense of the word. And so arises the leitmotiv of the new catalogue: Home Lifestyle, to seal a concept of living that is truly contemporary, rational and practical, yet at the same time without giving up any aesthetic pleasures. Eclectic and personalized solutions for every room in the home, where that unmistakable Turati style acts as a counterpoint to the modern mood, creating tried and true pieces of contemporary art, destined to become an integral chapter in the history of the finest Italian design.