Talks Program

Open-cocktail & space music - every night after talks

17 April

  • 6:30pm  OPENING 

Stefano Boeri, Curator space&interiors2018

Stefano Bolognini, Councilor for Social and Living Policies and Disabilities, Regione Lombardia

Massimo Buccilli, President MADE Eventi

Gabriele Buia, President ANCE (Italian National Association of Building Contractors)

Emanuele Orsini, President of FederlegnoArredo

Gabriele Rabaiotti, Councilor for Public Works and Housing, Municipality of Milan

Language: Italian




18 April

  • 4:15pm _5:15pm   HOUZZ  |   How will we live in the home of the future? 

Shapes, dimensions and materials. A dialogue between architects who are experimenting with alternative housing solutions, from micro-solutions to restoring places, from prefab to the use of new technologies. 

During this talk led by Houzz, we will discover how our lives will change in the homes that look to the future


Elisa BurnazziBurnazzi Feltrin Architetti / Giuseppe De Lisi, Studio DiDeA  /  Leonardo Di Chiara, Tinyhouse University / Paolo VolpatoMatteo Thun and Partners


Language: Italian




  • 5:30pm _7:00pm  THE FUTURE OF LIVING How to colonize spaces: opportunities & visions

Whoever pictures new dwelling spaces explores an unknown world and therefore must be ready to anticipate the future and explore the unknown. Materials, technologies, networks, nature and creativity are all “products” destined to characterize and influence this unknown universe; the House, the Office, The City….


Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT Senseable City Lab and Founding partner at Carlo Ratti Associati 

Italo Rota, Founder of Studio Italo Rota 


Language: Italian



19 April

  • 4:30pm_6:15pm HOTEL REWIND  The hotel of the Future

Alessandro D’Andrea, National President of the Hotel Directors Association | Alfonso Femia, Founder, President, CEO Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia AF517 | Giovanna Manzi, CEO Best Western Italia | Giorgio Palmucci, President of Confindustria Alberghi | Vincent Spaccapeli, Marketing Director Hotel Volver + Comfhotel | Valentina Sumini, MIT Boston


Language: Italian



  • 6:30pm _7:30pm THE PLANET OF THE FUTURE How to Live on Mars: Projects & Visions

Mars, an “alien” although at hand territory, the closest of all faraway planets; the next habitat ready to welcome life, ideas, projects, products, culture and innovation. Exploring the future of dwelling in a place where humankind will move to in 100 years


Jakob Lange, Partner at BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, Mars Scientific City Project 

Yibo Xu, Partner at Stefano Boeri Architetti China, Vertical Forest Seed on Mars Project


Language: English



20 April

A JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE How to Live the Space: Experience and Curiosities


  • Part 1   6:00pm _6:30pm

Luca Nardi,  Biotechnology Laboratory, ENEA  (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) - Mission Amadee 18


Since February 2018  5 “astronauts” from the international Amatee 18 mission have been at work in Oman on a simulation of future missions to Mars;  the Martian Garden is one of the projects which is realized by ASI, ENEA and the University of Milan  within the biology experiment of the HortExtreme plants; the Italian Space Agency (ASI) thinks that these tests on the field, in conditions that are partly comparable to those on the Red Planet, are crucial to exploration missions and also have an enormous potential for transferring knowledge for the solution of problems such as environmental sustainability and energy efficiency on our Planet

and Fiorenzo Galli, General Director Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci - Milan


Language: Italian


  • Part 2  6:30pm _7:00pm

Stefano Boeri with Luca Parmitano ( ESA Astronaut and LtCol Italian Air Force, leading actor of the Volare Mission for ASI (Italian Space Agency) will talk live from Moscow space base


Language:  Italian




21 April

  • 5:30pm_6:30pm ATLAS - La città al tempo dell'economia circolare. Soluzioni per la raccolta differenziata in cucina, nel condominio e nel quartiere

Presentazione in anteprima della ricerca “ATLAS” condotta da Stefano Boeri Architetti per Comieco, sul processo di progettazione degli spazi connesso alla crescita delle metropoli e la gestione dei rifiuti.


  • Stefano Boeri, Stefano Boeri Architetti
  • Pierfrancesco Maran, Assessore Urbanistica, Verde e Agricoltura Comune di Milano
  • Carlo Montalbetti, Direttore Generale Comieco, Consorzio Nazionale Recupero e Riciclo degli Imballaggi a base cellulosica
  • Natascia De Cata, Aran Cucine


Language:  Italian




  • 6:30pm _7:30pm PARADOXES OF LIVING

Renato Pozzetto, Actor and Director

Davide Rapp, Architect and Videoartist


Language:  Italian





Open-cocktail & space music  every night after talks


  • Stefano Boeri
  • Elisa Burnazzi
  • Alessandro D'Andrea
  • Giuseppe De Lisi
  • Leonardo Di Chiara
  • Alfonso Femia
  • Fiorenzo Galli
  • Jalob Lange
  • Paolo Magliocco
  • Giovanna Manzi
  • Carlo Montalbetti
  • Luca Nardi
  • Giorgio Palmucci
  • Luca Parmitano
  • Paola Pierotti
  • Renato Pozzetto
  • Davide Rapp
  • Carlo Ratti
  • Italo Rota
  • Leonora Sartori
  • Vincent Spaccapeli
  • Valentina Sumini
  • Paolo Volpato
  • Yibo Xu