Born in Milan, Fiorenzo Galli holds a degree in Political Economics and Finance from the Università degli Studi - Milan.
Married with two sons, officer of the Italian Alpine troops, he backs-up his entrepreneurial work with a long career in the family business in the electro mechanic sector.
Since 2001 he is General Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci of Milan (Italy).
Since 2007 he is Professor of Contemporary Museology at the Università degli Studi (Milan) and he teaches other regular and master courses in different Universities.
He has worked in different positions in Confindustria (Italian Entrepreneurial Association) and Assolombarda (Association of firms in the Milan area), serving as a member of the Executive Board and of the Presidential Committee. He has also been President of the lobby “Giovani Industriali” (Young Industrialists) and a member of the Board of the “Probiviri” of Assolombarda.
He is a member of: the Kuratorium of the Deutsches Museum in Munich; the National Committee of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism for the 2019 celebrations for Leonardo da Vinci; the Committee for the Development of Scientific and Technological Culture of the Italian Ministry of Education.
Speaker at numerous international conferences, he has written over a hundred articles and contributions on scientific culture. He is author of the book “Milano e le sue rotte obbligate” (English edition: Notes on Sustainable Citizenship), 1st Italian National Science Communication Prize 2016.
He has received many awards and merits in the cultural field.