Italo Rota was born in Milan in 1953, where he graduated from the Milan Polytechnic. After winning the competition for the interior spaces of the Musée d'Orsay, in the late eighties, he moved to Paris, where he signs the renovation of the Museum of Modern Art at the Center Pompidou (with Gae Aulenti), the new rooms of the School French at the Cour Carré of the Louvre, the illumination of the Notre Dame cathedral and along the Seine and the renovation of the center of Nantes.
Among the most recent works, the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia, the new Elatech Robot Factory in Brembilla, the great Theater in Maciachini Milano, the new Noosphere Laboratory Pavilion in Triennale the EXPO Milano 2015 pavilions of Kuwait, Italian Wine and Arts and Foods. Other works are the Museo del Novecento in Piazza Duomo in Milan ,, the headquarters of Columbia University in New York, the Hindu Temple in Dolvy in India, the design of the Boscolo Hotels and the countless collaborations with Roberto Cavalli, for special projects all over the world. For Repower Italy, it has a diversified design of integrated landscape systems for the production of renewable energy. Countless exhibitions, installations and pavilions, including the thematic Central Pavilion for Expo Zaragoza 2008.
The research of Italo Rota in the field of the most advanced technologies, has always led him to integrate them into his own projects and to prefigure systems for living, living spaces, environments and the city aimed at the future, including the project for Samsung " Life / Installed - the home of the Future ".
Scientific Director of the (NABA New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan) and Domus Academy.
Italo Rota has been awarded several prizes, including the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture for Public Spaces, the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture for Culture and Leisure, the Landmark Conservancy Prize, New York and the Grand Prix de l'Urbanisme, Paris.