Renato Pozzetto is is an Italian actor, director, stand-up comedian, and singer.

Pozzetto was born into a working-class family from Milan and grew up in the town of Gemonio (in the Province of Varese).
After graduation, he made his debut as a comedian at the Derby Club in Milan.In 1964, he and his childhood friend Cochi Ponzoni formed the duo Cochi & Renato.They recorded several successful songs, often written in collaboration with Enzo Jannacci.[5] These songs often had a satirical and/or nonsense take. Their most popular hits include "La canzone intelligente" ("The intelligent song", a satire about songwriting) and "E la vita, la vita". From the mid 1970s through the first half of the 1990s, Pozzetto enjoyed a prolific career in film, where he became famous for his trademark pronounced Milanese accent and for his shy and stuttering way of speaking. In te mid-2000s, following almost two decades of separation, he reunited with Ponzoni.

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